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  • The End of Obamacare

    The end is near for Obamacare, as Aetna drops out: Aetna (NYSE: AET) is sharply cutting its participation in Obamacare exchanges for 2017. The health insurer said it will offer individual Affordable Care Act exchange plans in just four states, down… Read More ›

  • Big salaries for New Graduates

    If they pick the right major, that is.  STEM good, social sciences/humanities/liberal arts/education bad.  And business MEH. From Grads whose specialty is petroleum engineering could touch six-figure territory at the outset of their careers, while those involved in early childhood… Read More ›

  • This is why I don’t listen to PhDuh economists

    Take a close look at the graph in this tweet. See the end there?   After a short period where the Labor Force Participation Rate was increasing, it started downward again.  But the PhD economist who put together this graph couldn’t… Read More ›

  • Something’s rotten in Detroit.

    And I’m not talking about the Lions, Pistons, Red Wings, and Tigers.  The St. Louis Fed has reported that domestic auto production rose in February to 337,900 vehicles.  I was curious, so I looked up domestic auto retail sales and… Read More ›

  • 18…er, 17 things to know before you buy that Powerball ticket.

    Aside from the fact that your chance of winning the jackpot is about 1 in 292 million (that’s 0.000000000003%), lotteries are essentially taxes on the poor.  After all, Mark Cuban, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates aren’t going to run out… Read More ›

  • I’m still amazed when this happens.

    I make a blog post about a topic, and a few days later there is something in the news that confirms what I have posted about.  In this case, it’s about government subsidies for the production of electric cars: Washington… Read More ›

  • Keynesian Economics 101

    In 4 simple lessons (from the Austrian Insider): Since Keynesian economics has reined supreme among mainstream economists for decades, you might want to know some of the basics. Rebuttal:  The classical economists knew from studying economic history that increasing the… Read More ›