Stupid People

Not the best and brightest.

It seems that the foreigners who are brought to the U.S. via the H1-B visa program aren’t the best and brightest as Big Tech and the federal government like to claim. Nearly 30 years after Congress passed the controversial act, which… Read More ›

The higher education bubble is bursting

Many for-profit colleges have already gone under.  Now, it’s spreading to the private schools as well: Southeastern Bible College Southeastern Bible College, 2545 Valleydale Road, announced today that it has suspended operations. “At this time, we cannot provide a definitive… Read More ›

Now we know what FBS stands for

The College Football Playoff Committee has chosen its top 4 teams. These are the teams that will play for the “national championship” in the NCAA College Football Playoff.  Let’s forget for a moment that the CFP committee is essentially a… Read More ›

Among the Millennials

I recently accepted a short-term assignment doing some accounting work for a local firm.  The office was one of the nicest that I have ever worked in: glass walls that let in lots of sunshine; clean, organized workspaces; and two… Read More ›

I could have told you that.

It seems that a new study has found that a higher minimum wage leads to job losses for female and minority workers: And while no amount of empirical evidence will change their minds, here is yet another study, this time… Read More ›

Idiocracy came true

Canecaldo has some sobering news about this year’s presidential election: Today I bought a Powerade and my boss (another 20s man) said, “Need some electrolytes? Plants crave electrolytes.” “I’m not drinking anything from a toilet, that’s for sure!” The Suicide… Read More ›