Competition isn’t fair!

If you’ve ever taken an economics class, one thing you should have learned is that economists believe that competition is superior to all other market structures.  But it seems that economists talk the talk but don’t want to walk the walk: Economic… Read More ›

The War on Cash

Dr. Kenneth Rogoff, PhD from MIT, says that the Federal Reserve should reduce the amount of cash in the economy to fight crime: It’s time to reduce the amount of physical cash floating around the globe to help combat tax… Read More ›

And so it begins…again.

I have posted a few times on the plans of people in government to confiscate citizens’ retirement accounts (i.e., their IRA and 401k accounts).  Here is a list of those posts: Kiss your pension fund goodbye. Can you smell what… Read More ›

First it was the big banks

And now, Congress is preparing to bail out the health insurance companies that are losing money because of the law their lobbyists wrote: This week, as part of the reconciliation bill, Congress may vote on bailing out health-insurance companies losing… Read More ›

Paging Dr. Mises and Dr. Hayek

Dr. Keynes is confused because the Fed has announced that there is no evidence that Quantitative Easing boosted the economy: The Federal Reserve is putting some of its post-crisis actions under a magnifying glass and not liking everything it sees…. Read More ›