And by historic, they mean “criminal”.

In a ‘historic’ vote on Saturday:

The Nevada State Assembly voted in favor of a $750 million public-funding package to build a new stadium and with the hope of moving the Oakland Raiders to the state.

The vote passed 28-13, and was done without debate.

No debate.  Don’t discuss this in public.  Just vote to give away money stolen collected from tourists and give it to an ultra-millionaire (Raiders team owner Mark Davis has a net worth of $500 million).

The Assembly had a marathon overnight session Thursday into Friday, which was delayed by wildfires in the state.

Assembly approval was the final major hurdle for the project; the state Senate passed the bill 16-5 on Tuesday.

Yep, no reason to let a little thing like a wildfire get in the way of graft and corruption.  Kinda like Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

The Las Vegas project is for a domed, 65,000-seat stadium. The plans call for the stadium to cost $1.9 billion to build; on top of the $750 million in state funds, which will come from an increase in room tax on the Las Vegas Strip, area billionaire Sheldon Adelson will chip in $650 million and the Raiders will contribute $500 million.

“State funds”.  How cute.  That’s $1.9 billion that the people of Nevada won’t get to use to build roads or schools.  This damned domed stadium will cost 58% more than the palace that was built by the Dallas Cowboys, yet it will seat 35% fewer fans.

But that’s not all.  While the bigwigs in Vegas have been trying to get a ‘major league’ team to relocate to the desert for decades, teams haven’t been motivated to move there.  There are a few good reasons why:

  1. Gambling.  Las Vegas is the Mecca for gamblers in the United States and for tourists from around the world.  Having a professional team in Vegas is just begging for games to be fixed.  Look at what happened to the basketball program at UNLV, and that was just a college team.  There’s a lot more money to be made if someone can fix NFL games.  We’re talking hundreds of millions every week. The more money at stake, the more corruption you can expect.
  2. The climate.  There’s nothing like an increased chance of players dying of heatstroke during 2-a-days in August when the temperature is over 100 degrees (the average high temperature in Vegas in August is 103 degrees).  Heck, Korey Stringer died on a warm day in MINNESOTA.  But it’s a dry heat, right?  Oh, I forgot, they’re building a dome.  Never mind then.
  3. Nobody in Vegas cares about anything other than Runnin’ Rebel basketball.  In Vegas, professional sports are for betting on.  Period.  People in Vegas don’t even go to UNLV football games, so what makes the geniuses in the State Assembly think that this giveaway of taxpayer money is a good idea?  Sam Boyd Stadium is always half full, or less, on a good day. There’s way too much else to do in Vegas besides watching sweaty men in their 20s and 30s slam into each other.  Most men would prefer to watch large-chested 20-year old women slam their breasts into each other every night on the Strip as opposed to large, sweaty 20- and 30-year old men slamming their bodies into each other for 3 hours every Sunday.  I can’t say I blame them.
  4. It’s called Sin City for a reason.  I lived in Vegas for a year and a half while I finished my bachelors degree.  Trust me when I tell you that no matter what you have heard about the seamy side of Vegas, you have no idea what really happens there.  The underground sex clubs, the drugs, the crime, the bodies of members of the Russian mob that have been pulled out of Lake Mead.  Just remember, Vegas killed Tupac Shakur, as well as Elvis’ career.  All bets are off with newly-minted NFL millionaires running around the city for 4 to 6 months.  Nick Saban can’t even keep his players from being arrested for marijuana and possession of stolen goods in Alabama (the buckle in the Bible Belt).  What makes anyone think that Roger Goodell or any coach will be able to control players in an environment like Vegas?

Someone needs to step in and check the bank accounts of the Assembly and Senate members who voted for this.  The U.S. Congress should go a step further and outlaw this kind of misuse of government funds. Because it stinks of corruption.

But hey, that’s the Las Vegas way!  Just win baby!




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