Something’s rotten in Detroit.

And I’m not talking about the Lions, Pistons, Red Wings, and Tigers.  The St. Louis Fed has reported that domestic auto production rose in February to 337,900 vehicles.  I was curious, so I looked up domestic auto retail sales and compared those numbers to domestic auto production for the period from 1993 to February 2016.  The graph below shows the result.

Domestic Auto Production and Sales

Do you notice anything weird about that graph?  Take a moment and look at it closely.

Did you see it?

Sales is greater than production in every period, with 4 exceptions (February 1993, January 1995, August 1998, and July 2008).  In other words, more cars were sold than were produced in 273 out of the last 277 months.  And overall, 25,733,400 more cars have been sold than have been produced since 1993.

This is clearly impossible.  Now, you might think that the difference between production and sales can be explained by imports.  But these statistics are only for domestic production and domestic sales.  Meaning they only deal with autos that were made in the U.S.  Imports are not included in sales or production numbers.

The books of all domestic automakers should be audited immediately, because their numbers don’t add up.


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