5 things they do before they fire you.

From Jose Romero’s blog.  I only got through the first two in my last job before I quit.  Because I could feel it coming.  Anyway, this is the pattern that will occur right before you get your pink slip.

1. They Start Ignoring You:

When this was happening to me I began to notice how my Supervisor and Manager were no longer friendly with me anymore. They began to act as if they just met me and speaking to me in a way that I was no longer a friend. Even my co-workers began to act funny around me and made me feel as if I was invisible.

2. They Begin To Take Away Responsibilities:

After a few days of being isolated I still kept working and then I got an email from my Manager telling me that I no longer needed to fulfill my responsibilities and little by little they began to assign my work to my co workers. I started to think that maybe those rumors are true and I’m on that list! But naive as I was when I was younger I thought I still kept believing that I was not going to be let go. I did the little work they left me and as I sat there feeling uncomfortable and not coming to the realization I felt invisible! An outcast! No longer a part of the group!

It began to affect me as my mind told me to come to the realization that I was going to be let go.

Then they pulled this shit!

3. They Will Separate You:

Yep, the next thing that happened I was told that I needed to move to another desk away from my group. I knew right then and there what was happening! I began to get angry and instead of telling them to fuck off I stayed like a good little boy and moved to another desk. No one said nothing as I moved my stuff over to the another cubicle away from everyone. At times they will move you to another Dept where no one knows you and you do not know the work. You will be here for a few days until they decide what day to let you go.

I still believed that I could turn this around and show them that I’m an asset! But no matter what I did I was totally shut down and ignored. I started to feel like that fat weird guy with the glasses in the movie “Office Space”! My anger and stress rising wanting to know why they are doing this to me! Why don’t they just tell me!

4. Give You Menial Tasks:

After a few days of just sitting in my cubicle looking busy as if I had something to do when I really didn’t, someone decided to give me some work to do. They will begin to give you menial tasks like watching the printer for specific print outs or make sure that the fax machine has paper. They will make you do work that the interns tend to do. Believe me it was humiliating for me but like I said I was a good little cog.

Everyday when I went to work I sat in my car in the parking lot looking at the office building wondering if today was the day I was going to be let go. At this time I accepted my fate that I was no longer wanted here. So much time wasted trying to do the right thing only to be showed the door in the end can really make a man question himself.

Tomorrow will be Friday I’m looking forward to the weekend so that I could relax somewhat and get my mind right! Still wondering if I would have a job come Monday.

5. They Cut Off Access To Your Computer:

Its Friday and I’m feeling better ready to work and show that I got what it takes to be a valuable employee. I worked very hard that day and at around one o’clock I log back into my computer and find out that I could not log back into my computer. I just stared at the screen and typed my password again, again and again.

The phone rang and from the number I saw on the display It Human Resources! I just dropped my head down for a few seconds while the phone rang. I took a deep breath and picked it up! A friendly voice over the line told me to report to Human Resources as soon as possible and hung up. My stress level went through the roof! As I got up from my chair and proceeded to walk to HR.

I walked in and was told to sit down in the meeting room. I tried to contain myself as my anger was raging! You will want to choke the person who made the decision that you are no longer needed! The HR person as well as the witness begin to talk as your mind goes into survival mode their voices become indecipherable as I’m no longer paying attention to them but telling myself what in the hell am I going to do now!

“Do you have any questions?” the HR person said. The only question in my mind is if I can collect my severance pay as well as unemployment. They said I would be able to so I got up and walked out of there and to my desk to pick up my things and leave. Apparently I was not the only one that was given the pink slip and told to leave.

There were no good byes whatsoever its as if I never existed in this place. I accepted my fate and instead of holding my head down I instead held it up high and with dignity like a real man does. Realize that you will survive this and move on with your life! when you look back to this event you will laugh at how it seems so ridiculous or even better yet you can write a blog post like I did here and show you young people the truth!

There it is the 5 things to be aware of before getting fired! I do hope that when you read this you learn to see the warning signs and are able to get out of there quickly or prepare yourself after. No one deserves to be treated that way as I would have much rather tell me the truth and I would be on my way.

Unfortunately a lot of people now a days rather be passive aggressive rather than being truthful.

Heh.  I took the Monday after Thanksgiving off so I could go see someone I hadn’t seen in over 3 months.  On top of missing this person when I got back, I found out that all of the members of the department save one were ignoring me.  And that some of my responsibilities had been given to the new girl, who was sucking up to the supervisor big time.  The last straw came when my supervisor sent his buddy to babysit me while I did my work.  I actually tried to meet with the woman in HR to let her know what was happening, but never was able to meet with her.  I quit less than 36 hours later.

The moral of the story: don’t let anyone crap on you at work.  Life’s too short to put up with that.


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