Obamacare strikes again (and again and again and…)

It seems that the impact of the Obamacare tax penalty will be worse than the administration claimed:

Six years later, the harsh reality is coming into focus: The mandate’s primary impact will be to compel low-income households to buy bronze coverage with deductibles of up to $6,850 per adult that are well beyond their capacity to afford. Because any semiserious health issue will torpedo their finances long before ObamaCare begins to pay the bills, this situation raises a question of whether it is ethical to threaten them with a mandate penalty.

In addition, after two years of ObamaCare enrollment, it now appears likely that this contradiction — the Affordable Care Act mandating unaffordable care — will be the rule, not the exception, for modest-income households between 150% and 250% of the poverty level.

Working.  As.  Intended.  Thanks, all of you idiots who put Dirty Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in charge of the government.  I hope all of you get a semi-serious medical condition that ruins your life the way those parasites have ruined the economy of this country.

But wait, there’s more:

The ObamaCare exchanges had just 10.2 million paying customers in March, after 1.5 million of the 11.7 million people who selected plans dropped out. At least another 3 million registered with the exchanges but apparently didn’t find a good enough deal to take the next step of selecting a plan, Department of Health and Human Services data show. The lack of participation has left enrollment far below the prior Congressional Budget Office estimate of 13 million and even the 12 million estimate made in January.

Rising costs of healthcare?  Check.

Too few individuals signing up, even though it’s the law?  Check.

Destroying the economy?  Check.

Yep.  Working as intended.



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