The United States of Drunkenness

This map reveals the “drunkest states in America“:


The states with the highest average Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level are West Virginia at 0.103 per cent, Nevada at 0.095 per cent, Pennsylvania at 0.088 per cent and Connecticut at 0.088 per cent.

Kentucky, meanwhile, was the most sensible state with an average BAC level of 0.039 per cent, followed by Delaware at 0.042 per cent and Washington D.C. at 0.043 per cent.

I would correct the Brit(s) who did this ‘study’ (no doubt funded by government grant money) by pointing out that Washington D.C. is not a state.  Of course, this data was provided by a Breathalyzer company, which means that it is based on the blood alcohol levels of people who are stopped by police for suspicion of DWI/DUI/whatever they are calling it now.

That doesn’t mean that all those politicians and lobbyists in Washington aren’t drunk.  In fact, they’re probably drunk right now.  But they can take a taxi or limo service home, whereas Podunk Pete in West Virginia has to drive himself home from his still.

Remember, it’s only cheating if you get caught…


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