5 skills college grads need to get a job

From the folks at USA Today:

Only 10% of employers said there weren’t enough graduates with the appropriate degrees and just 13% said students lacked computer or technical skills. But employers are troubled by graduates’ lack of soft skills. Many report that college grads are lacking in people skills and have trouble solving problems and thinking creatively.

New degree holders often fail to make a positive impression from the get-go, with employers surveyed by Michigan State reporting problems with “lackluster resumes and slipshod cover letters.” Recruiters report that many interviewees are unmotivated and unfocused, and that they have unrealistic expectations when it comes to salaries.

What do they expect from Millenials?  Oh well, here’s the list:

1. People skills

Being able to appropriately communicate and interact with other people sounds simple, but it’s something a lot of young workers struggle with, say employers and educators.

Yeah, it’s kinda hard to have people skills when you’ve spent your whole life ignoring people because your eyes are glued to your iPhone screen.  My colleague and I used to have long discussions on how students didn’t/couldn’t communicate with us face to face.  They would send emails, but when an in-person meeting was suggested they disappeared.  And this was 8 years ago.  The problem has surely increased since then.

Social skills 1

2. Problem-solving skills

Forty-six percent of employers said that recent college graduates have poor problem-solving skills. Tests of students’ skills suggest they’re right. When researchers at the Council for Aid to Education recently tested the problem-solving and critical thinking abilities of college seniors at more than 150 schools across the U.S., they found that although the majority demonstrated adequate skills in this area, 40% were deficient.

Once again, what do they expect from Millenials.  They’ve never had to solve a problem, Mommy and Daddy were there to solve it for them.

Problem Solving 1

3. Oral communication skills

Oral communication is another area where employers say that recent graduates need help. Forty-one percent of employers say the young people they’re looking to hire lack this skill. Given that this generation has grown up in a world where digital communication is the norm, it’s not surprising that some may struggle with more traditional ways of sharing information.

Millenials will post the most intimate details of their lives on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  But they won’t even call each other with their damn iPhones/Samsung Galaxys.  Good luck trying to manage them once you hire them.  Guess you will just have to send a text, that they will ignore.

Poor Communications 1

4. Leadership skills

Sixty-three percent of millennials want to lead in the workplace, according to The Hartford’s 2013 Millennial Leadership Survey. But this is another area where they seem to be falling short, say employers. Forty percent of companies looking to hire new graduates say that this group needs better leadership skills.

If you’ve never had a leadership position before or during college, you sure as hell aren’t qualified for one when you graduate.  That really doesn’t matter though, because most people in leadership positions right now don’t have any leadership skills either.


5. Written communication skills

Being able to write clearly and professionally is an essential workplace skill that many young people don’t have. While 65% of recent graduates are confident in their writing skills, according to the American Association of Colleges and Universities survey, employers are less sanguine, with only 27% of them reporting that recent college graduates have the written communication skills needed to succeed in the workplace. In the CareerBuilder survey, 38% of employers said that recent grads need better written communication skills.

Hoo boy.  They can’t write, because they have never been taught how.  That’s what happens when schools get rid of textbooks and bring in iPads.  And the shorthand used in texting isn’t helping, either.  U no wut I mean?

Writing Skills

These are the people you are going to be relying on to save the economy, as well as pay for your Social Security and Medicare when you retire.  Yeah, good luck with that.


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