Nobody cares about climate change

The picture below shows the results of a global poll done by the United Nations.  More than six million people from around the world responded.  What are people around the world most concerned about?  What do they desire the most?

If you believe the media, people are most concerned about global warming climate change, Kim Kardashian’s ass, terrorism, and not being able to see The Interview.  Not so, grasshopper:


Education.  Health.  Jobs.  Honest government (isn’t that an oxymoron?).  Nutritious food.  Protection from criminals.  Clean water.  I’m sure that Boehnerdict Arnold and Obama will get right on that.  After their 3 week vacations are over, that is.

And the item that they were least concerned about?  Global warming climate change.  Sorry, Kim Kardashian’s ass didn’t even make the list.

Priorities, people.


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