Another reason why you should be watching ‘Shark Tank’

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary says that the U.S. government is crushing entrepreneurs:

But while the economy shows outward signs of improving, “what has not come back is any increase to wages. With jobs we’re still at around a 6% unemployment rate and most American’s feel like I do, that the government is totally dysfunctional,” he says.


“We need to make our economy competitive again, like it was 20 years ago,” says O’Leary. “We’ve put so much regulatory patina over our economy…we’ve burdened entrepreneurs in every state with so many rules and regulations that they can’t compete.”

Regulations currently cost the U.S. economy at least $2 trillion per year.  And as far as competing, heck, most entrepreneurs can’t even get started.

Karl Marx was only half right.  There are actually 2 ways to kill capitalism: taxes and regulations.


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