The United States of China

Ok, so I called it “The Chinese States of America“.  But it’s the same thing:

As the WSJ reports, “big institutional Chinese investors who want global real-estate portfolios typically look for trophy projects in cities like New York, Los Angeles and London. Just this month, Hilton Worldwide agreed to sell its flagship Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City to a Chinese insurance company for $1.95 billion—the steepest price tag ever for a U.S. hotel, brokers say, although it isn’t the highest on a per-room basis.”

However, it isn’t just New York: “Chinese investors with smaller war chests want to be seen as international property players too, and they have their eyes on other cities. Over the past two years, more have sought to invest in offices and hotels in inland cities such as Chicago and Houston in the U.S., and Madrid and Frankfurt in Europe, according to a recent report by property consultancy Cushman & Wakefield.”

“Chinese investors are distributing their investments across the whole country, not only focusing on selecting assets in prime locations…but also paying more attention to cities with lower prices and greater potential,” said James Shepherd, Cushman & Wakefield’s head of research for Greater China.

US states China investmentsI can understand buying property in New York, Texas, and Florida.  I can also understand buying property in Washington (West coast, closer to China) and Arizona (hey, old Chinese people want to retire to the desert too!).  I’m surprised that Oregon isn’t on that list.  But New Jersey and Illinois?

And what’s the deal with Delaware?  Didn’t they see Wayne’s World?


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