Rob Ford isn’t in rehab. He’s working as an economic analyst for Bank of America.

That’s the only explanation I can come up with for this:

In what should be the biggest joke of the day, Bank of America has just released its GDP forecast not for the next several quarter, but making a mockery of the IMF’s 2022 Greek GDP forecast, it predicts US growth for the next decade!

The punchline: after expecting a surge in growth to 3.4% in 2016, the bailed out bank tapers off its forecast which evens off at 2.2%… some time in 2025. And throughout this period its crack economist team headed by Ethan Harris anticipates precisely…. zero recessions.

Indeed, in what will be a first time in history, the US is expected to grow for 16 consecutive years since its last official, NBER-defined recession (which “ended” in the summer of 2009) without entering a recession.

This is unprecedented.  It has never happened.  It will never happen.  But this is what PhD economists do nowadays: make predictions based on their mathematical formulas while ignoring any semblance of reality.  Too bad that human action doesn’t work the way that the experts assume it does.


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