One way that companies try to fool you into thinking that the price of their product isn’t going up is by keeping the price the same, but reducing the amount of the product inside the packaging.  I call this the ‘Doritos effect™’ because I first noticed this back in 2009.  Doritos/Pepsi/Yum brands changed their packaging from a short fat bag to a taller, thinner bag.  Both bags were priced at $0.99.

Unfortunately for Doritos/Pepsi/Yum brands, there were still some of the old short, fat bags on the shelf next to the new thinner ones.  I was able to see that the new bags contained approximately half an ounce less chips.  The older size bags will now cost you $1.49.  In the end, this was a good thing, because I really needed to stop eating so damn many Doritos anyway.

But now they’ve gone too far — by reducing the amount of bacon you get in a package.

… as the following clip shows, thanks to the soaring inflation in food prices that we have been documenting, the price you are paying for a package of bacon is flat as the size of the package collapses… less is more is never acceptable when it comes to bacon…

This will not stand, man!!!


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