This time, it’s for real

Inflation is on the way:

“Inflation is coming!” We’ve heard it for what seems to be forever. Then came the report of the March leading economic index for March. It increased by 0.8% after rising 0.5% in February. It’s just the latest data point in a series of indicators that Hugh Johnson of Hugh Johnson Advisors says is evidence that this time inflation really is coming.

“We’re not talking about 3% or even 4% inflation,” Johnson told Breakout, “but we are talking about inflation rates as measured by the consumer price index of say 2.1% in 2014 and 2.3% in 2015. That’s stronger than the consensus and certainly stronger than Janet Yellen thinks is on the way.”

Note to Mr. Johnson and Janet: inflation has been here since 2008.  Gas prices have doubled (100% increase).  Food prices have risen by more than the stated inflation rate of 2%.  In fact, the same size bag of Doritos that cost $0.99 in 2008 now cost $1.49 (50% increase).  Okay, technically Doritos may or may not be food.  But still….

Let’s not forget that the costs of health care are going up (whaaat?  You mean Obamacare didn’t reduce prices?):

Last week’s news about Obamacare enrollment was great. But health care policy wonks have something else on their mind now: the cost of health care. It’s starting to rise more quickly than before.

And rents are going up (from the Wall Street Journal):

The average nationwide monthly apartment rent was $1,048 in the fourth quarter, up 0.6% from the third quarter and up 3.8% from a year earlier, according to a report set to be released Tuesday by real-estate research firm Reis Inc… The nation’s apartment vacancy rate, which has declined since hitting 8% in the aftermath of the financial crisis, fell to 4.5% from 4.7% in the third quarter.

Janet would already know that if the Fed and the government economists weren’t jacking around with the numbers…


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