Women and the Masters (Classic repost)

A few years ago, on a blog far, far away, I posted on the Masters golf tournament.  Today, Christine Brennan penned a column at USAToday.com in which she whines about how women not being allowed in men’s private golf clubs is killing the game of golf.

I want to see a woman become so good she can compete with the men in a U.S. Open.

Hey Chrisine.  Been there, done that.  The greatest female golfer of all time, Annika Sorenstam, played with the boys a few years ago.  She missed the cut.

It took Augusta National Golf Club until August 2012 to invite its first female members: former secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and financier Darla Moore. Several clubs around the country will have none of that, including Pine Valley in New Jersey and Burning Tree in Maryland, where Speaker of the House John Boehner is a member.

What kind of message does that send, that the speaker of the House feels comfortable being a member of a place that discriminates against 51% of the population that he serves?

It sends the message that men don’t want women around them when they are playing golf, that’s what it sends.

Damn right we don’t.  And women don’t want us around when they are doing their yoga poses in their Lululemons either.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Christine, this repost is for you:

Wie Wie Wie, All the Way Home

As I have gotten older, I have become fond of things that I never used to care for. Some of these things are Irish whiskey, microbrews, and golf.

Despite the hype over Tiger Woods and the extremely biased media coverage in favor of him, I could still enjoy a Sunday on the couch watching ‘a good walk spoiled‘. That is, until a few years ago, when some feminists decided that the private golf club at Augusta National golf course should be forced to admit women as members.

Augusta National is the site of the Masters golf tournament. There was some outcry when Tiger played in his first Masters tournament because he is ‘black’. I could understand this, a half-black half-Asian man playing golf on a course in the South. And he won! More than once!

That outcry was muted compared to the media frenzy when Martha Burke and a few others decided to protest the lack of female membership in the Augusta National Golf Club (all of the members are white males). In response to a possible loss of revenue when companies threatened to pull their advertising from the telecast of the Masters, Hootie Johnson and the boys decided to have the tournament broadcast without commercials!!!

Hootie and the Club won. Viewership of the Masters tournament skyrocketed, and it is satisfying to watch without being interrupted 10 times an hour by Budweiser, Viagra, and Tinactin commercials.

That brings me to Michelle Wie. Miss Wie is a 15 year old female golfer from Hawai’i. Miss Wie is considered the female equivalent to Tiger Woods, although she has yet to win a major tournament. Miss Wie has also been entering men’s golf tournaments for the past few weeks.

So what is wrong with that? Nothing, if all she wants to do is see how well she can do playing against men. However, Miss Wie has an ulterior motive. You see, the winner of the men’s tournaments that she is playing traditionally have been invited to play in…the Masters tournament at Augusta National!!!

Miss Wie has admitted that her goal in playing in these tournaments is to acquire such an invitation. I theorize that, having failed at a frontal assault on the ‘good ole boys’ at Augusta National, NOW has encouraged Miss Wie to try and qualify for the Masters tournament by entering the above mentioned men’s tournaments. It is an interesting ploy, and I would pay good money to check Miss Wie’s bank accounts for deposits from ‘well-wishers’ in this endeavor.

This seems to me to be a poor strategy for forcing the acceptance of women members at Augusta National. First, the invitations to play in the Masters are not a legal contract. They are simply traditions that can easily be broken. There is nothing to stop Hootie and the boys from not offering Miss Wie an invitation. Second, why champion a 15 year old girl who hasn’t won a big tournament? Why not have Annika Sorenstam (by far the best female golfer in the world) play in these men’s tournaments? Unlike Wie, Annika has won many WPGA tournaments. Last year, she even played one tournament against the men (she failed to make the cut). Lastly, I fail to see how a woman playing in the Masters will force Augusta National accept female members. You can attend services at a church, but that won’t make you a member of the congregation.

There are a few things that NOW and others should keep in mind:

1. Augusta National is a private club. That means they get to select their members based on criteria set by their membership, and if you don’t meet their standards then you can’t get in. Deal with it.

2. Men like to get together and do things without women around. Women also like to get together and do things without men around. What’s wrong with that? The sexes are different, and they socialize differently. For a simple demonstration of this, invite your friends and their spouses over for a get together, and watch as the sexes separate into their own groups. And NOW should remember that there are such things as women-only gyms that men are barred from joining*. If women don’t want men ogling them in their spandex as they work out, that’s fine. Men don’t want women criticizing their outfits as they sashay down the fairway in their plaid pants, brown belts, and black shoes either.

3. I am a white male, and I can’t get into Augusta either. Not to play one round of golf, or to watch the Masters in person. You don’t see me protesting this injustice. Heck, they probably wouldn’t even let me bring my cooler in.

It’s about time that NOW and others like them grow up. The world isn’t fair, and no one promised you anything.

* A man actually sued an all-female gym a few years ago. He argued that they were discriminating against him by not letting him join. HE FREAKING WON, and the gym had to let him in. The gym shut down a few months later because many of the female clientele felt uncomfortable working out with men in the gym.

Augusta National is no longer an all-male private club.  Condoleeza Rice and Darla Moore were admitted as members in 2012, partly so all the screeching feminist harpies like Ms. Brennan would shut the hell up.  Bill Simmons of ESPN summed up the reasons why men want to get away from women and socialize by themselves when he wrote that “Women ruin everything.”  Ms. Brennan’s article is evidence of that.


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