Need a job?

Head to North Dakota.  Just remember to pack/buy some long underwear:

North Dakota officials are sending a plea to people across the country: We need you.

The state’s unprecedented oil bonanza has made it the economic darling of the nation — boasting a sturdy economy, a state government budget surplus, and its highest population ever, as swarms of people have migrated to North Dakota. But it hasn’t been enough, officials say, citing some 25,000 more jobs than takers in all industries in the state.


Officials said in a statement that the campaign will focus on career opportunities in North Dakota and promoting the state as “a great place to live, work and raise a family.” It will target states with “chronic unemployment” and will attempt to lure skilled workers of various occupations, from engineering to nursing. The effort also will target military veterans, and those who will soon leave the armed services, officials said.

I will be honest.  The climate can be brutal.  Winter can last 5-6 months with the occasional daytime high in the -30s Fahrenheit (no, I am not kidding).  There are thunderstorms and tornados in the summertime.  But North Dakota also has long days in the summer, when the sky isn’t fully darkened until after 10pm.  You might get to see the Northern Lights in the winter.  And when the wind isn’t blowing, it really doesn’t seem that cold.  Long-time residents will tell you that you just need to stay inside, watch hockey, and drink until it warms up.

Go North, young man.


Categories: Good News Everyone!, Unemployment

2 replies

  1. Don’t come unless you have a place to live.

  2. Yes, it may help if you have some relatives who live there…

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