Once again, “Winter is coming.”

You should heed the words of this man.

Jim Rickards was interviewed on RT’s Boom Bust about the impending death of the US dollar. It could happen tomorrow or in several years, but Rickards is convinced that the world is ready to leave the dollar behind and move on to a more stable form of money.

“Russia is ready to turn their back on the dollar… China, we know, is buying gold, thousands of tons of gold… Iran has been importing gold from Turkey. Look around the world, a lot of people are ready to turn their back on the dollar. They haven’t done it yet, but when the confidence is lost it can be lost very quickly. Investors need to be prepared for that.”

This is what happens when your government prints money in order to invade other countries and murder the inhabitants spread ‘democracy’ around the world.

Winter is coming.  You still have a little time to prepare.  Be a Stark, and not a Lannister.

And when it gets here, it will be too late for you to act.



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