You’re all worthless and weak

The CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce says we need more immigrants to do the jobs that Americans aren’t being allowed to do:

Reforms are needed to policies for high- and lower-skilled immigrants so they can remain in the United States and perform jobs Americans either aren’t qualified for or willing to do, says Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue.

Donohue, in an McClatchy-Tribune News Service op-ed piece, said steps should be made to retain talent “at all ends of the spectrum can live and work in the United States.

Drawing top talent to the United States brings investment dollars to the United States, said Donohue, but the reverse is also true.

“If companies can’t find talent on U.S. soil, or if it becomes too costly and burdensome, they will move their operations elsewhere,” said Donohue. “It’s in our own best interests to welcome the world’s brightest minds and hardest workers into our economy.”

Do you feel insulted?  You should, because Mr. Donohue just called you stupid and lazy.

“Studies have concluded that the greatest percentage of job growth in the United States through 2020 is expected in low- and moderate-skilled jobs that cannot be automated or outsourced,” said Donohue. “Services like home health and nursing home care, landscaping and hospitality cannot be provided without capable staff ready to do the work.”

So let’s import people to mow our lawns and run ethnic restaurants.  Because that makes America better off.  Here’s the kicker:

“If we don’t act on this national priority soon, we’ll fall behind in the global competition for talent, putting our economy and American jobs at risk,” said Donohue.

Our economy and American jobs are already at risk, mainly from people like Mr. Donohue and his backers.  What, you didn’t know that Big Business is footing the bill for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce?  Or that the Chamber of Commerce only represents 64 businesses in the entire country?  And that these businesses would be the main beneficiaries of lowered labor costs from increased immigration?  Not to mention the fact that Mr. Donohue wants you to pay more for gas.

To Mr. Donohue and others who think like him: Americans are tired of being denigrated by the likes of you.  We are tired of you destroying our country for your social engineering and globalization purposes.  And we have had enough.  You have been warned…


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