I can’t go home again…

because there’s no place to stay:

Lured by the promise of jobs created by the oil and gas boom, unemployed people are flocking to North Dakota en masse. This is heralded by many in the mainstream media as great news – labor mobility at its best – however, there is a darker side: rents are surging and finding a place to live at any price is difficult. As Reuters reports, amid all the boomtime plenty, however, is a housing affordability crisis. North Dakota saw a 200% jump in homelessness last year, the biggest increase of any state – “people are coming because it’s widely publicized that we have jobs, but it’s not widely publicized that we don’t have housing.”

And even the college students aren’t immune:

Student homelessness in North Dakota increased 212 percent last year, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

And there are so many people moving to western North Dakota that they are sending them back where they came from:

The Salvation Army in Williston is now buying one-way bus tickets for people to go back home.

You know it’s bad when North Dakota rejects you…


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