The very definition of ‘irony’

Most young people are healthy and don’t require much medical care.  They also tend to have lower incomes.  As such, they neither need health insurance, nor can they really afford it.

Which is why the White House has gotten Magic Johnson to agree to urge young people to sign up for Obamacare:

Basketball legend Magic Johnson is appealing to young people to register for Obamacare in a new video for the White House.

In the video, posted on the White House website Wednesday, Johnson appears on camera saying, “Young people think they’re Superman, like nothing is ever going to happen to them. But trust me—one day something is going to happen and you’re going to need a quality health plan, so make sure you get Obamcare.”

This is just brilliant!  Get someone with an incurable disease to be your spokesman spokesperson for health insurance!  And pick someone that young people probably don’t recognize, because I highly doubt that most young people even know who Magic Johnson is.  After all, he didn’t have the marketing prowess that Michael Jordan still enjoys.  Heck, most white NBA fans don’t know who Larry Bird is.

What just kinda ‘happened’ to Magic?  Well, he ‘acquired’ the HIV virus and had to retire.

In 1991, the former point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers made the shocking discovery that he was HIV positive at a time when AIDS was seen as more-or-less a death sentence.

You don’t just wake up one day with HIV.  HIV is transmitted through sexual activity with high-risk partners.  So of course Magic wants everyone to have health insurance.  How else would they get someone else to pay for the consequences of their own poor choices and bad behavior?

“Affordable health care is important to me because everybody deserves to have good healthcare, and when you think about it, it saved my life,” he said. “If it wasn’t for the quality healthcare that I had, and the plan that I had, I probably would’ve been dead.”

Yeah, Magic had a good health insurance plan.  He also had a 25-year contract that paid him $1 million a year (which is the equivalent of $2.57 million today).  It was the longest and richest contract in professional sports history when signed.  And it allowed Magic to buy the expensive drugs that were used to combat HIV and AIDS in the early 1990s, without which he might have died.  Other HIV positive people weren’t as fortunate.

So sign up for Obamacare and party on you young ‘uns!  Because your Obamacare insurance will pay to treat your STDs and birth control is now free!!!


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