What a bunch of leadership…

Well, it took 11 days but the Republican leadership caved…again.

So, Obama and the Democrats do nothing but whine and complain.  The ‘shutdown’ has had little to no effect on the economy.  In fact, if they debt ceiling is not raised, then Congress will have to start to cut spending.  In the long run, we might be better off if the Feds would stop spending money like drunken sailors.

So what does Crying Johnny Boehner do?  He runs to the White House and gives the opposition everything they wanted.  What do the Republicans get out of this?  They get to look like a bunch of pansies who can’t stick to their principles.



Yeah, that’s about it.  That’s what passes for ‘leadership’ for the GOP these days…



Categories: Government Shenanigans, Stupid People


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