It can’t happen here…

The government of Cyprus is about to confiscate money from its citizens and give it to the bureaucrats of the European Union.  They are going to pass a law tomorrow that will tax confiscate 7-10% of deposits in Cypriot bank accounts.  The people of Cyprus have no way to get their money out of the banks before the law is passed, as the government declared a ‘bank holiday’, and the banks will not open before Tuesday.

Well, why should this matter to us?  It’s not like they got the idea from the U.S.


You need to be aware of the plans to confiscate your retirement savings.  Now, it seems, the precedent is being set, so that they are just going to steal your money outright.  The government will just confiscate the money you have in your bank account.  And just like in 1933, and in Cyprus eighty years later, there isn’t going to be a thing you can do about it.


Categories: Bastards, Debt, Government Shenanigans

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