Sequestration – Day 1

In case you haven’t heard, the automatic budget cuts kicked in today (March 1).

A Global Embarrassment

This is a failure to complete one of the basic functions of the Federal Government: providing a budget to keep operating.  The Federal government has not passed a budget in over 3 years.

Forget all the blather about how these budget cuts will shut down the Federal government.  I remember when the Federal government shut down in 1995/96.  Guess what?

The sun still came up in the morning.  Businesses didn’t shut down, birds were still singing, and people seemed a little happier without having to hear all of the white noise coming out of Washington.

So go ahead, Congress and Mr. President.  Shut down the government at the end of March.

Make my day.


Categories: Borrowing, Debt, Depression, Government Shenanigans, Inflation

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